Your Energy.

Your energy is one of kind,



A Rose growing from the concrete,

A diamond in the rough.

An energy that is here purely by God’s own design

With the intention of having an EFFECT

You’re not here just to exist

Not here for a mere spectacle

You are here for movement

For Growth

For Experiences

For Change

For…igniting greatness in the souls of others around you

Yes, you will be tested

Yes, the road will be hard

But aren’t knives supposed to be piercing?

That’s why they are sharpened

Doesn’t a caterpillar have to go through metamorphosis?

Before it becomes a butterfly

And aren’t diamonds supposed to shine?

Which is why they are formed by heat and pressure

Greatness will test those deemed able to yield its power

Be honored for your assessment.

It means you are worthy of glory.


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