I am…a Blerd

Part of being a pretty little blerd is accepting your true self, unapologethically.

Owning the quirky traits that make you who you are.

Yes, I am Black and Nerdy.

Yes, I do love comic books, super hero films, and Harry Potter.

Yes, it is correct that half of my dilect is composed of Hip-Hop songs and movie quotes.

And yes, as a matter of fact, with all of that I am still a Bad Bitch.

Yes, this is me and yes, I love me, and yes I understand the importance of loving me. When you love yourself you understand your worth, and you accept the love that’s worthy of your treasure. On the journey of self love you will also learn the difference between healthy love and love that is dangerous to your well-being. It all starts with owning who you are, and loving the hell outta that person.

Yes, I am a PrettyLittleBlerd, and I would wanna be any other thing.

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