A Blerdy View: Queen & Slim

Love, the most powerful weapon of all against wrong doing, powerful enough to take ordinary people and turn them into neighborhood legends.

Even days after seeing this iconic film the story of Queen & Slim was still on my mind. Igniting my soul in exactly the way a movie should be a muse to your thought processes and mood. This new age story puts meaning behind the tale of Bonnie and Clyde, changing them from mere criminals to legends of social injustice. Melina Matsoukas and Lena Waithe created a beautiful love story in the midst of truly unjust circumstances and the discriminatory world African Americans live in as a whole. It’s a story that will move you to your core and shock you from the beginning until the end.

     Starting with a humble first date at a diner to running for their lives after shooting a cop, Queen and Slim are thrown into the life of fugitives after Slim chooses self defense over incarceration or more than likely death. The story of Queen and Slim hit me so hard; because of how amazingly possible it is for something like this to happen. The plot is not farfetched at all, it is a fear that every man of color has while they are on the road committing a most dangerous offense, “Driving While Black”. The chances of us getting pulled over for the smallest of transgressions and automatically assumed to be committing a crime or be a dangerous individual simply because the color of our skin is so common it’s literally scary. It was clear throughout this film that fear is the basis of the turmoil facing our country today, our fear of being targeted as individuals of color, and the fear that certain prejudice minded people have of our strength.

In the middle of all of this fear and turmoil is…love. Love just shows up, building gradually, not love at first sight at all, but still just as quickly as two souls realize they could love each other completely in a manner of a few days. Queen and Slim weren’t immediately smitten with one another, they grew to realize that love had an option of blooming between them and they were forced to allow it. How often have we ourselves had the option of love growing but ran away due to our own shortcomings? In the case of Queen and Slim they had to deal with each other, but if they had not, they would have never experienced the type of love they had the ability of manifesting with each other. They would have never realized what it is to hold on to someone and never let go, knowing without a doubt…that person would never let you go either. I pray I can be brave enough to take on that kind of love, without life having to force me into it.

Queen and Slim is one of those films that touch you inside and out. It makes your skin crawl that such injustice could be such a norm in our society. On the other hand, it makes the butterflies in your stomach leap at the thought of loving someone as beautifully as Slim and Queen loved each other. Even before they both accepted the love they had for each other it was there, from the way Queen looked at Slim, to the ferocity at which Slim was willing to protect Queen, love was there. A love that was present even when the ways of this world attempted to take away the life from their body, they still had love. Love, the most powerful weapon of all against wrong doing, powerful enough to take ordinary people and turn them into neighborhood legends.

Queen and Slim is definitely blerdy approved for your view, please watch it with someone who means something to you and you mean something to them, because a love like that deserves to be viewed with someone special.

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