Self Love @ Home

As we continue to live our lives at home the importance of self love cannot be overstated. Here we are learning to live apart while still be together and it can be tempting to believe that participating in self care is out of reach. While it is true that we can no longer commune together, or take ourselves out on dates, however we still have a wide range of activities that we can choose to partake in to show ourselves some love. The truth is, we place limits on self love, thinking that it requires us to purchase something or go somewhere. It is so easy for us to forget that self love begins at the source, within the self.

Here are just a few tips from one blerd to another on how to partake in this self love escapade everyone seems to be attempting to embark on.

  • Remember, Self Love is more than just the physical

 When we think of self love and actions of self care it’s hard not to immediately think of an outing as an act self care or an item or service that you purchase as self care. Yes, going shopping can be considered an act of self care, as you take the time to look for and purchase something for yourself when you are so accustomed to getting everything for others. Yes, you can go get your nails did, hair did, get a whole massage, which are all great actions fit for a King or Queen. However, that is definitely not all that you can do. Self love is more than a nail shop, fancy restaurant, or new outfit; self care is benefiting how you feel from the inside out. Instead of going to a nail shop give yourself your own pedicure! You can make the water as hot as you like, use your favorite essential oils, put on your favorite movie, pour your favorite cup of drank and chill TF out. The opportunities for self love are limitless, empower yourself to find self care no matter where you are!

  • Love yourself enough to leap

One form of self love is having the audacity to believe you can try new things and find new hobbies. Now is the time to stretch your imagination and try the things you’ve always wanted to try. Go ahead, sign up for that virtual Pilates class that you’ve been thinking about trying. It’s okay to learn how to knit and make your whole family blankets or facemasks; maybe you want to learn how to make your own soaps and lotions. Feel free to try those new recipes you’ve never had time to get in the kitchen to do. Now. Is. The. Time! Your version of self love is so much more than what you can obtain; it is what you can teach yourself, it is how you can grow.

  • Self Love is sometimes Self Actualization

Without the distractions of our comings and goings every day, it has now become very easy to take a look at yourself. You don’t have to fill your time with busy work whenever you get the chance. Sometimes your mind needs a break; sometimes there are tasks that require your attention inwardly. Now is the time to take private quiet moments for you.  Kick everyone out of the bedroom and meditate for a moment. If it’s still too loud or people still find a way to bother you, go to the bathroom, lock the door, turn on a hot shower and let the steam relax your mind and meditate there. Sit with your emotions and process everything you are feeling and thinking. Sometimes self love is simply sitting still. Allow yourself to see areas where growth is needed and show yourself enough love to remove the ego and work on your problem areas. Now is a great time to start new habits in order to better yourself, and that my friend is definitely an act of self love.

I could go on and on about the possibilities of self love and the importance of having no ceilings, walls, or any other boundaries when it comes to self love. Remove the thought of, “well I can’t go nowhere so I can’t practice self love”, that is a misconception you are feeding to yourself. Release the limits of self love and open your eyes to new possibilities of personal adoration. No act is too small to show yourself some care. Self love at home is not only possible it is necessary, and you have all the tools needed in order to accomplish self love, all you have to do is look within yourself!

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