Shine Queen, Shine.

Full of light

Full of fire

Full of drive to reach my desires

Full of joy

Full of pain

Full of the strength I need to maintain

Full of hope

Full of peace

Full of spirituality guiding my feet

Full of melanin

Full of power

Full of history, I could never be a coward

Full of inspirations

Full of trust

Full of blessings, no need for luck

I am a Black Woman and I am overflowing with purpose. A purpose that may scare some, but never frightened the real ones. For they are waiting for me, they are waiting for you, and what we can create.

Black and Brown Queen, full of radiancy and grace. Won’t you believe in yourself? Replace fear with courage and step into the destiny of your greatness.

Do what you were sent from the heavens as a gift to this planet to do. For the world needs your thoughts, your ideas, your actions. The world needs you. But more importantly…other little girls of color who dare to dream, they need your creations too.

Please…I’m begging you to Shine Queen, Shine.

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