A Blerdy View: Dats Dat Drank

Looking for a local, H-town bred, black owned business that sells flavorful alcoholic beverages and snacks? Well, look no further than that of Dats Dat Drank supplying you with Kool-Aid inspired drinks that sneak up on you and snacks that leave you wanting more. Dats Dat Drank is that drink to make your taste buds dance, it’s that drink for after a long day of work, and its that drink to get you in the mood for your weekend festivities. It’s a drink that has delicious flavor without losing points on the strength. Dats Dat Drank is your drink for the holidays and throughout your new year!

     I received samples of Dats Dat Drank and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the packaging. Filled with delicious samples including a pre-mixed drink, a full bottle of flavorful Adult Life beverage, and even a hometown favorite…Kool-aid pickles. Honestly, I was more focused on the drinks than the pickles, but I couldn’t resist trying a few pickles after seeing my boyfriend completely demolish a large amount of pickles with such joy. They were flavorful and incredibly sweet from the Kool-aid surrounding them; savory, and still holding a satisfying crunch when biting into them. The pickles were just an appetizer to the true joy, the mixed drink and Adult Beverage awaiting to be devoured….and devour we did.

First, completely consuming the pre-made mixed drink which was sweet and masked the sting of alcohol successfully. Eventually, moving on to the bottle of sour apple Adult Life beverage which is the perfect amount of sweet and strength. You can mix this drink or pour it straight over the rocks for a more satisfying and buzz-worthy beverage. All-in-all the samples made me understand fully the reasoning behind the name because it really is Dat Drank!

     After, finishing all samples I have to say I would buy this product to share with friends and family no hesitation. The pickles were a satisfying snack, and the drinks were both equally tasty and hittin. Dats Dat Drank is definitely that drink that you need to share with your friends, and its that drink you need to have on deck for the New Years celebration. Find the details below and get your own bottle of Dats Dat Drank for your bar today!

Dats Dat Drank Info:

  • Website: datsdatdrank.com
  • Instagram: @datsdatdrank
  • Drink and Pickle Flavors: Tropical, Pineapple, Green Apple, Strawberry, and Watermelon.
  • Kid Friendly Pickles and Drinks available as well.
  • On-Site Saturdays and Sundays from 11am – 6pm; 6500 Martin Luther King (a block from the Timmy Chans)

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