A Blerdy View: Soul

I love animated film. In some sense I feel animation can go a place live action films cannot reach visually. When paired with beautiful writing, it can really make a story that touches the heart. Such as with the movie Soul. Soul was one of those movies the entire household goes quiet to watch, so everyone can follow the characters through their journey and see what life is all about. The film was able to entertain all ages and speak inspiration to both adults and kids. Harboring heart-warming messages, relatable character reflections, and funny scenes for the entire family. Soul is a movie not only Blerdy approved, but family approved and the perfect family movie night film.

The Animation.

     The main reason behind my adoration for animation is the fact that artwork can do so many amazing things in film. Animation is able to bring emotions and create places that do not exist anywhere on this earth, such as the great beyond. Soul showed us what we look like when our body is no more, as we cannot take any worldly possessions with us when we transition into the afterlife.

     It showed us how we can enter into a state of limbo or a “lost soul”. Either by not living and becoming robotic, or by obsessing over one passion without living all of life. It also showed us…the power of words and how the things we say to people can have so much weight. The scene where Joe Gardener enters the mind of 22 is so powerful. It speaks to us all to be kinder to one another because we never know the weight of our words. Soul was very effective at having the animation aid to the weight of the message. And of course, the characters were super cute and cartoony looking as well.

The Characters.

Jaime Foxx and Tina Fey teamed up in this wistful animated film and I must say, they made an excellent match. I really loved Tina Fey as 22 and I almost didn’t even recognize her voice at first. Her character represents how most of us are living scared. Afraid to take next steps and replaying and reliving what others have said to us over and over again in our heads. Her character definitely hit home, just like Joe Gardner will hit home too.

His character shows just how soon life can be snatched and how much we overlook and miss being grateful for while we are living it. He goes through a magnificent journey, were he learns to accept the error of his ways, and appreciate the beauty of life.

Of course, I also have to shout out Queen royalty as well as the film is graced by two queens, Angela Bassett and Phylicia Rashad.  The rich cast is enough influence to make you want to watch the film, and once you watch it you realize the story and message is just as magical as the cast.

The Story.

The story itself was…beautiful. Beautiful and mind provoking as it leaves viewers wondering as to whether they are actually living life. The movie starts off very calmly showcasing the day and the life of a humble music teacher Joe Gardner. It escalates quickly from there showing how rapidly life can change and unfortunately…just how quickly it can end. The movie progresses to teach us numerous lessons, including the lesson of the two ways of becoming a lost soul, the power of our negative words to someone else, and the true purpose of life. Is life all about the spark, or is there something more hidden beneath the grind, something that we all too often overlook…You’ll just have to watch the movie to answer those questions. 😉

Soul is definitely a film for the family. A movie that will keep kids laughing and gasping in awe, while also remaining humorous to adults and offering reminders of life lessons. It’s a film that can produce both laughter and tears. It’s an animated movie that teaches big adult life lessons; lessons we all need reminders of. It’s a film that is blerdy approved for you and your entire family to watch and enjoy together.

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