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We ended 2020 with WW84 and honestly….we could have done worst.

     Wonder Woman 1984 was a heart touching and action rich film. There were a few moments of annoying plot choices, but overall, the movie was entertaining and left the viewer with feel good vibes and in a contemplative mood. It’s a movie that allowed you to see beautiful women kicking ass and hide a true moral story within the plot.

     WW84 did what in my opinion the first film didn’t, it blended in a heart-warming lesson behind the visual effects and action scenes. Sure, some of the plot decisions were a bit…questionable. Such as the mall scene with the most idiotic criminals Wonder Woman could find, interesting choice in villains, and a repeated theme of a love story. However, it still provided ass kicking moments, characters to fall in love with, and a lesson behind the action.

The Action.

     We are brought back into the life of Wonder Woman by looking into her past and witnessing an Amazon style Olympic games, which in my opinion was pretty epic. I feel like it was a tad bit kid friendly, but maybe I was expecting a Spartan Olympic game instead of an Amazon one idk. It was a great way to start the film, much better than that mall scene with Wonder Woman stopping the most reckless thieves using the most overrated stunts. (her wire-fighting team was definitely ready) There is an even amount of action and plot building woven together within the film.  However, the action scenes could have featured more hand to hand combat. I feel as though a princess of Themyscira trained by the best general would be able to do more complex fighting scenes; and not rely solely on her Lasso, strength, and powerful wrist bands.

The Characters.

     The sequel to Wonder Woman gave us much more relatable characters. It provided a hero, who is gorgeous and powerful, but also…human; having it all and still wanting the one thing she cannot have. It provided relatable villains, who didn’t simply want to control the world, but wanted better for their world. The Mandolarian, Pedro Pascal, was a perfectly complex villain. I couldn’t hate him! I felt sorry for him, he wasn’t the villain that craved world domination, he was a villain who wanted what we all want on some level…success, comfort, money. He wanted to make his son proud and have a successful thriving business, he just…went about it in a terrible way.

     We are also gifted with the return of Wonder Woman’s love Steve, and I have to say…I absolutely loved Chris Pine is this movie! He was hilarious and came through in the clutch for Wonder Woman when she needed him most. He was real towards Wonder Woman and let her know the irrationality of her obsession with…him. His return to the film was bittersweet and made the lesson behind the film even more touching for the soul and exactly what Diana needed in so many ways.

     Of course, I cannot ignore Kristen Wiig’s character who turned out to be not only funny, but a bad AF ass-kicking feminist in the movie whose power just goes too far. Her character was very relatable, she just wanted to be loved, feel beautiful, and have attention. Hers was one of those questionable plot moments as well, her villainy and of course her cat creature status, but it definitely didn’t ruin the movie in any way. We were also gifted by a familiar face from Insecure, you have to watch the film to catch this Queen gracing the screen 😉. Each character had a reason to love them…each character had a reason to hurt, and the true villain of the film was greed. Unlike the first Wonder Woman I enjoyed watching the defeat of the villain in this movie, seeing the strength in the people and not just the protagonist.

The Story.

     WW84 is a film I will watch again and it is blerdy approved for you to view in theaters….if you can. With the COVID-19 scare still lingering in the New Year it may not be possible to see this movie in theaters, but if you can, you won’t be disappointed. We needed a film to satisfy our need for action while also teaching us a lesson. What’s the lesson you ask? An old tale of the never-failing message of “Be careful what you wish for” but more importantly, gratitude. To be grateful for what you have…instead of always looking at what you don’t’ have. Sometimes the thing we want most and feel so sorry for ourselves that we are lacking, becomes the very thing distracting us from the treasure we already have.

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