WandaVision – A mini BlerdyView

WandaVision episode 3 is set to drop in just a few hours and I am still overly excited to continue the story!

The first two episodes were…not gonna lie, quirky, containing aged comedy and curious plot choices. However, that could be the very beauty behind the series. At the ending of episode two we can see that there is definitely something hiding behind the extra big smiles and marital blissful centered story line.

But what could it be?! My blerdy senses are tingling!!

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Things to Keep in mind:

WandaVision is kicking off Phase 4 –

This show is not just a goofy little display to bring the characters Wanda and Vision back to life on our screens, although, who could blame Marvel if it was. This is the start of phase four, the aftermath of End Game, I don’t think the Marvel visionaries will be taking that too lightly. Also, with the movies following the show, such as the long anticipated Black Widow film AND Legend of the Ten Rings; this series has an obligation to jump start the epicness that is phase four. **stay tuned for my post on the Marvel Phase 4 lineup 😉**

Pay Attention to hints –

WandaVision was littered with creepy hints and foreshadowing moments throughout each episode. This isn’t just some goofy and fun show, something dark lingers within this story. “Who is doing this to you Wanda?” a voice echoes within a static filled radio. It is suggested that the voice is that of Detective Woo from Ant-Man and the Wasp, but we’ll have to just wait and see. Also, what is with the characters switching back to normal so quickly whenever something weird happens? And who is this Bee-Keeper person crawling out of the sewer all scary-movie like? All of these small hints of wonder suggest that there is definitely something more going on behind the I Love Lucy-like show. The mystery shall be revealed as these episodes continue and in the art of storytelling…a little mystery never hurt anyone.

I am actually enjoying the show. It starts off very light-hearted and fun. I had no idea how much I enjoy Elizabeth Olsen until watching her in this show. I can’t wait to obsess over episode three, watching for hints, and imagining all types of possibilities. The possibilities are in fact limitless!

Are you watching??

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  1. Finally started watching now! Can’t wait to see how the Easter eggs all come together!

    1. OMG!! You are gonna LOVE the way it ends and the journey Wanda goes through. It didn’t end exactly how I wanted it to end but it was good.


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