A mini BlerdyView: BreaknBred BBQ – Meal Preps

Flavor, flavor, flavor and you guessed it, MORE FLAVOR. 

That’s what you can expect whenever you take one bite of the delicious meals prepared by BreaknBred BBQ. Not only are the meals saturated with rich tastes, they are made with love, and prepared with the hopes of making you happy and full.

I picked up a few meals from Mr. BreaknBred himself, also known as Brotha, for my post-operative recovery period. As I couldn’t cook how I normally would, I wanted to get food I knew would be satisfying and delicious. BreaknBred BBQ has not failed me yet on the flavor of their meats and sides. Their meat is seasoned to perfection and smoked just right for optimum flavor.

Right now, BreaknBred BBQ are offering pre-made meals, which are both filling and flavorful. You can choose between their delectable meats including smoked chicken, salmon, and his delicious turkey burgers. As well as pick which two sides you would prefer ranging from roasted Brussel sprouts, to sweet potatoes. The meal preps were complete and perfect for either lunch or dinner. The only issue I had was…I should’ve ordered more!

If you aren’t already, please go find and follow @breaknbred_bbq on Instagram and Facebook. And the next time you are looking for delicious meals from a Black Owned and Operated business while also getting the BEST BBQ of your life, please take this blerd’s advice and get your food here!!

You will not be disappointed 😉

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