Uplifting Your Energy in 15 Minutes or less…

Sometimes…it needs to be quick.

We all have busy lives and packed agendas. However, negativity or negative energy cares not what schedule you are on. It will creep in at a moment’s notice and attempt to rest in your mind for as long as possible. For me, I find myself with negative energy attempting to pair with me right at the start of my day. Something doesn’t go as planned, or there is an inconsiderate driver on the road, or maybe even someone else’s energy sticks to mine. Whatever the case maybe I have found a few tools to uplift my positive energy and bring my negative energy to the back of my mind. Because living with anxiety negative thoughts are always lurking around, and it is nice to be able to decrease their power even for a little while.

Here are a few simple methods to uplift your energy swiftly. These can be done quickly, 15 minutes or less, just enough time to cleanse your energy so you can get ya ass to work. 😉

1.       A Moment to Meditate

Now I know this may seem cliché or even overly recommended, but meditation is a great method to calm the mind and soothe the thoughts. Meditation is the practice of mindfulness, using concentrated breathing and focused thoughtfulness to soothe the mind. Thankfully, there are many different forms of meditation. For example. the use of musical therapy in meditation, as well as guided meditation practices. You have so many options to choose from! Personally, guided meditations are my first love. My favorite meditation method in particular is the breathing based mantra meditation. Which pairs spoken affirmations with calming meditation and controlled breathing. As a result, it helped me tremendously on a recent anxiety hurdle. I will put the link to my favorite episode of The Daily Shine, which introduced me to this method, on the details page at the end of the post.

2.       Smudging to Cleanse Energy

Another great tool to cleanse energy and bless your spirit is smudging. Smudging is the practice of burning certain sacred herbs that have energy cleansing and uplifting power. This is a spiritual practice meant for blessings and I have found it as a great way to clear certain negative energies I have lurking about. In addition to negative thoughts, negative energy can sit with me and feel extra heavy on my soul. It seems as though the negative energy serves as a form of empowerment for my negative thinking, and I have to be able to fight both. I will usually be pair my smudging practice with a simple prayer and will include specific herbs for their specific purpose. See below for a list of smudging herbs and their uses. 😉

3.       Therapeutic Treasures

What is it that makes you feel good? A small simple treasure that warms your soul even if only for a little bit. For me, it’s a nice hot shower, something about that warm water is soothing to my skin and mind. Or also, a really nice cup of tea. Certain teas are made with ingredients meant to uplift your spirit and aide in elevating your positive energy. I will put my favorite tea combination I am drinking right now at the bottom of this post. It’s a simple combination, but it’s a great start. Whatever that miniscule thing is that can bring you a small dose of happiness, its worth taking a few extra minutes to do so and help yourself with good energy for the day.

With all the work we do, all of the family we take care of, the businesses we are creating; we need all healthy means of elevation we can get in order for us put in this work. There are true forces of negativity against your mind and your grind, but the good news is there are plenty of tools you can use to fight back!

Use these tools individually or even a combination of them. All you need is to give yourself a little time.

See my list of blerdy-recommendations below and tell me, what are the quick ways you use to uplift your energy?

Thanks for reading!

Blerdy Recommendations

  • Tea Recommendations
    • Yogi
      • Elderberry Lemon Balm “Immune + Stress” Tea
      • Sweet Tangerine “Positive Energy” Tea

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