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Showcasing everything that is magnificent and magical in people of color.

PrettyLittleBlerd is me, it’s you, it’s any person of color who loves imagination and seeing the impossible become possible in the world. It comes from the heart of a black girl nerd who loves comic books and super heroes,
who loves magic and powers beyond belief, a girl who loves anything abnormal and magnificent.Who wants to read more stories and see more movies where the superheroes look and speak like she does and other people of color do. This blog is to showcase those stories and more, be proud of a love for nerdy things regardless of color, and get a glimpse into the life of one PrettyLittleBlerd trying to make her own magic and create her own story. Thank you for reading and sharing this BlerdLife with me;

Live well, prosper, and all that sh*t..JaleesaTheBlerd

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