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Blerdy Events: Fall 2019 Art, Food & Music Aurora Festival

Beautiful art everywhere!!

This past Saturday evening Aurora Studios and Gallery opened its doors to host its first ever Art, Food, and Music Festival. The open art show featured a number of local artists and photographers showcasing their amazing works; including a personal friend of mine the beautiful Irene @bedroomstrokes.

Aurora Studios and Gallery is a cozy and charming art gallery nestled in the Heights area of Houston. As soon as we walked into the building we were immediately engulfed in the vibes and energy of the show. With the purchase of a very reasonably priced ticket we were able to enjoy beautiful works of art, music, drinks, and delicious food. The live music was playing at a perfect volume in the background as we walked through the thick crowd of people to view the art and of course, make our way to take advantage of the open bar. The line for a drink was a bit long when we went, but moved fast and was well worth the wait as our bartender was absolutely awesome, making our drinks with a loving and heavy hand.  As we sipped on our rum with a splash of mixture we walked through all areas of the gallery as every single room and any wall with space featured art.

My favorite piece of the night has to be a painting by @bedroomstokes called Infinite, a piece that called my name from its spacing on the wall. It was the whimsical purple in the background, the shape of the woman portrayed, and the DNA strand breathing from her lips; I couldn’t help but to be intoxicated by the beauty and soul she put into this painting. The amazing factor about this art show is that each artist was incredibly unique and distinctive in their style. Even with all of the art that was displayed, and it was a lot, there wasn’t two pieces that looked the same. Each piece that was displayed gave you a different feel and thought process attached; each piece had the ability to make you gaze twice.

It was definitely a great night with amazing energy and mesmerizing artwork. I would definitely attend another event at this gallery and by this host. Don’t worry if you missed out on the event you can still view the artwork for up to a month at Aurora Studios and Gallery. I hope to see you at the next blerdy event!


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October Blerdy Events

October Blerdy Events

Its ya blerds bday month!!!!


I am closing out my 30th year around the sun and I am so excited for the different events and outings that await me. Houston is full of culture and things to do and I plan on doing something EVERY weekend counting down to my born day. Here are the blerdy events for the month of October that you should be bringin ya ass to, and maybe I’ll see ya ass out there. J

October 5th – Fall 2019, Art, Food, and Music Aurora Festival

This art show is set to feature many amazing local artists, including the beautiful and talented @Bedroomstrokes. With the purchase of a $12 ticket you can enjoy magnificent and thought-provoking art selections, enjoy a assortment of free food, as well as get decently tipsy at the open bar. For me, they had me at beautiful art and open bar. I am hoping to start my birthday month as artistically as possible.

October 12th – BLCK Market Houston

The BLCK Market Houston brings different vendors of color in all ways, shapes, and forms to one place for patrons to take advantage of. Its environment is filled with creative culture and tons of different forms of products to experience. As opposed to simply going to the new big ass HEB to shop or a colonizer inspired farmers market, you can fill you time staring at vibrantly inspired products.

October 19th – Jamels Top Secret Dance Fitness – Ride, Shake, Sweat Tour

He’s coming back to H-town b*tcheeeessss!! Get ready to shake your ass off…literally!! Jamels dance class is ALWAYS a good time. I love to dance…it’s like a second love to me next to writing and particularly hip-hop. His dance class is as entertaining as you can get, and it is highlighting the most enjoyable section on hip-hop dancing…yes I’m talking about twerkin’, poppin dat ass. And it’s gonna be a lot of ass shaking in this class, trust.

The following weekend….is my birthday weekend!!! AYYYYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

And idk exactly what I’m going to fall into, but I know it’s going to be fun and have something to do with Halloween! I have the need and deep desire to wear a costume and get very fanciful so you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what ya blerd decides to do. However, the events mentioned above are a perfect way to bring in my new year around the sun. A year that is sure to be filled with adventure, beauty, and all types of good times.



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RAW Artist Awesomeness

The RAW Artists of Houston presented the REFLECT show at the House of Blues this past Wednesday and it was truly a paradise for all forms of artistry.

So much amazing talent floating around in the room from artists, to jewelry makers, musicians, dancers, writers, all types of creative magic. This was my first year attending, but it will definitely not be my last.

I was invited to this artist utopia from a good friend and fellow writer Jelisa Jay Robinson @JelisaTheWriter. Even though she was performing and the artist that I came to see, even she was shocked at the magnitude of people that showed up to support and take in the awe of all the magnificent displays of artistic treasures. JelisaTheWriter specializes in writing plays, poetry, as well as spoken word. She blessed the stage with one of her spoken word pieces and eluded black girl magic with every word. She joined a host of other performers including a rapper, singing duo, and a dance team just to name a few. The performances were truly inspiring and kept the crowd engaged and moving as we took in each of the different display booths.

Black girl magic was a reoccurring theme throughout the show, not just limited to on stage performances, but to artists on the ground as well. I fell in love with the work of one artist in particular, Ms. La Monica Robinson, with Creative Minds AL you can follow her work on her Instagram @2hip_hurrayyy. Her work is vibrant, and grabs your attention from first glance.  She displayed multiple paintings as well as prints and different items she had imprinted with her paintings (including a pillow that I’m praying the universe will send my way as a prize for her raffle).  Also adding to the collection of black girl magic was the jewelry guru and beautiful Queen @Locnesshippie. She had different pieces of jewelry and gems that were simply breathtaking. There were enough treasures on her table to make you feel and shine like the queen that you are. So many different booths, so many different artists, and each one had something amazing and unique to offer on their table.

REFLECT was definitely a show filled with beautiful artistic hidden treasures and budding talent. Each performance and each booth contained something special that you will not find anywhere else. RAW Artists Houston and The House of Blues created an ambiance that promoted underground artistry at the most beautiful level. Make sure you attend their next show!

Thanks for reading! Live well, prosper, and all that sh*t!

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Night of The Incredible Art Gallery

This past weekend The Incredible Art Gallery showcased the paintings of an amazing artist Christopher Clark #christopherclarkart.

A free Harry Potter art and exhibit show in Houston is not likely to be overlooked by such a potterhead as myself, but this art show also satisfied wide range of character appreciation from a number of different stories. Attendees were able to see beautiful paintings dedicated to the Harry Potter family and Hogwarts, but we were also astonished by paintings embodying many favorite characters from Star Wars, Marvel, DC comics, and even Disney.

I attended the art show with a fellow blerd and heaux @sleeping_beauty_21, and we were excited from the moment we saw the Facebook post promoting the art show all the way to its completion. The event was held at the Holiday Inn & Suites Houston Westway Park, and the hotel staff was welcoming and joyful throughout the duration of the event. The Incredible Art Gallery was a three day long event and we had the pleasure of viewing the art show on its opening night Friday. There was a great turn out for this event, a large number of nerds, blerds, and geeks showed up to view the amazing art. We received a complimentary painting just for attending and we were also offered themed alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including Butterbeer! Of course, the heaux and I opted for the alcoholic beverages to carry us through the display of art work.

The artwork itself was absolutely breathtaking; so many people were walking around making the same comment, “Oh how I wish I could buy one of every painting!” So much detail was displayed in these paintings with prints valued at $40 each and canvases ranging from $125 to over $1,000, and they were worth every penny. The man of the hour Christopher Clark was also in attendance personalizing artwork for fans before they left the event.

All in all The Amazing Art Gallery succeeded in a creating a wonderful art show. Attendees were greeted with creations from a talented artist, tasty beverages to enjoy, and a welcoming venue. The next art show is sure to be just as satisfying as this one and I cannot wait to see what creations will be displayed next.

Thanks for reading! Live well, prosper, and all that sh*t!

*every postcard also has the option for purchase in larger print or canvas! 🙂

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