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NOLA Darling.

WooooW…the one word I can use to describe all the vibes from this past Memorial Day Weekend/Bachelorette Celebration for one of the heauxs in New Orleans, LA.

I always love coming to this city, and this trip just made me fall even more in love. It was the energy of the wonderful people we encountered, the ambiance of the live music down virtually every block; it was the delicious food and stiff drinks, and the laughter that filled every single minute that made this trip so special.  We celebrated and walked around that city in the full glory of who we are, black and beautiful Queens.

This trip to NOLA had so much glow it was ridiculous, just outrageous for us to shine the way we were. Visiting this magical city with this group of Queens was an experience like no other; it was as if we discovered our own secret dimension of joy and queendom. On the first night of our trip we decided to live it up at The Hangover Bar, and really bring in our trip with full NOLA vibes. We listened to bounce music, shook a little something, and ate some really delicious lemon pepper wings. The next day we continued our cuisine experience with a trip to Oceana’s on Bourbon and Conti. Let me tell you, EVERYTHING about this Oceana’s visit was on point. Our food was scrumptious and flavorful, our waitress Bree was nice and knowledgeable, and we even got free crab cakes as a bonus! We were so full we had no choice but to walk on Bourbon St. for a hand grenade and a brief dance intermission at Razzoo’s. That evening we went back on Bourbon St. and partied until 4am, the full details of that night not to be discussed on this blog lol. On our last night, we experienced a beautiful surprise by eating dinner at Morrow’s a petite restaurant with full R&B vibes; before ending the night real chill on Frenchman St. Of course, before we left the next morning we had to hit up Café Du Monde for some strong ass coffee and deliciously sweet beignets.

All of the adventures from the trip were oozing with a good time, however the best part of our journey wasn’t even the activities we partook in. It was more than the good food and drinks, it was the laughter shared between four sister-friends and the freedom of being nothing else other than ourselves. We didn’t dress according to anyone else’s dress code, we didn’t speak in the politically correct manner that we would at the workplace, and we sure as hell didn’t give any fucks to how much we laughed and joked no matter what public place we were in. We were simply OURSELVES, and nothing could be grander and more freeing than living your life with no filters. Zero limitations, and no one around to judge, just a handful of like-minded individuals who pride themselves on their ability to let you be you. That is what was so amazing about this trip, to live and be accepted for exactly who we are.

Now that the trip is over, and the work hats are placed back on, I struggle to figure out a plan of action. I am uneasy because I have lived with no barriers and I want to experience that life more often and more completely. I want to live with no filters daily and not only on vacations or time away from work. To live my as completely me full time is the new goal. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get there…





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Evading Negativity

“Jaleesa, you have the tendency to think negatively and speak on it even when you aren’t noticing it”

Well damn…it takes a true friend to tell you some real shit like that. Not only are my thoughts negative but I speak on this negativity automatically almost as natural as blinking my eyes or scratching an inch. While I did feel some type of way about her statement, my new level of growth couldn’t ignore the truth in it. What an incredible revelation to come face to face with; your own affliction towards yourself.

Self acknowledgement is like that first workout after forming a habit of skipping the gym, painful but necessary. Self acknowledgement can come from many different sources, including the truthful words of your inner circle. This is why you have an inner circle, to not only have people who are there for you no matter what, but also people who have no hesitation on calling you out on your shit.

“There you go with that negative shit again, you need to stop speaking on that shit”

So…true. Granted the subject we were speaking on was a subject I have had numerous hurts in; I have sustained repeated injuries from an array of weaponry used by a variety of foes. However, that is no excuse to carry the negativity from the past around with me in my present or future. I can think of numerous excuses and justifications for why I think this way. I can proclaim that it was my childhood upbringing to expect something bad to happen, and speak on all the possibilities of realities. I can make the declaration that I am a realist and speak what can come true, but I know that both of those reasoning’s are just cop outs.

Just because my upbringing has garnered certain behaviors does not mean I have to continue those behaviors into adulthood. Also, being a realist is not limited to only speaking of the negative options of life. Being a realist is also speaking on the real possibility of positive changes, positive situations, and positive accomplishments happening in life. I have chosen to speak on the negativity in the past, but with it being shoved in my face my habitual negative behavior I could no longer operate this way. I owe it to myself and the growth I have made within myself to think of and believe in the positive, and break my habit of pessimism.

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The Thought-Changer

My thoughts are my allies and my thoughts are my enemies concurrently.

They lure me into a trance of meditation on my possibilities and contemplation of my limitations. In the past I have found myself focusing more on my limitations as opposed to my opportunities. Placing extra weight on what could hold me down and believing more in bad situations becoming reality in my life. I’d find myself saying the same anthems whenever misfortune found its way to my door. “Of course that would happen to me” or “I have the worst luck on the planet”. I’d alternate between these negative affirmations time and time again as my eyes swelled with the tears that I was unsuccessful at holding back. I continued this path of personalized negativity until one day I had enough.

I became exhausted with waking up to a new day and living in the same solemn thoughts and weak expectations. I had to fill my life with MORE. I came to the realization that my thoughts are really all my own, no one is forcing me to think negatively, I am participating in this behavior all by myself. So the change had to start right at home, right at my consciousness all the way to my subconscious thinking. I began taking the time to question my negative thoughts to prove just how invalid they really were. I began to accept how I was thinking and how I was feeling; and then I would speak positivity in order to change the negative thinking patterns that were appearing.

At first it would take an extreme amount of self talk, and an excessive level of repetition to replace my negative thoughts with my positive ones. I would have to repeat my uplifting declarations every single time I had a negative thought, and I found that I had negative thoughts quite often throughout my day. I began to fill my time with uplifting podcasts, music, and reading material just to feed my mind and soul with positivity. After some time of dedication to a positive mind lifestyle I began to notice a power within myself, a power I never recognized I had.

I realized that I had a powerful ability right within my grasp that I had not activated. I had the power of being a Thought Changer, the ability to change my own thoughts and feelings simply by the strength of my own will. If I had a negative thought I could finally will myself to an alternative way of thinking and meditate on this style of thinking with such intensity that my negative thoughts were overpowered or even completely replaced. This may seem like a simple and mediocre power to some, but to people who struggle with anxiety or depression this power is priceless. It is such a freeing experience to discover this personal power over your thoughts, but in addition to that discovery, live in that power while actively practicing it. You are basically bulletproof against the weapons that attack the mind.

You can fight back against the forces that cause you to speak misfortune and failure in your life and change your negative affirmations into positive ones. I say “negative affirmations” when speaking of these solemn thoughts because repeating negative thoughts is speaking negativity into action in your life. If you speak misfortune in your life within your thoughts you will live this misfortune in your reality.  There is strength in choosing which thoughts to give authority in your life. This thought-changer power has done more than change my thinking it has changed my life. No longer am I living in a depressing perception now I am entering a season where positivity rules supreme over all things.

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Blerdy January Movie List

It’s finally 2019! And we are starting off the year full of awesomeness in our goals, in our dreams, and in our movie selection for this month. Unfortunately, we do not have a large number of films to look forward to, but the movies that we do have to anticipate are sure to please in more ways than one.

So, without any further delay here are my blerdy picks for the month of January; I’m so excited for these movies I’m doing a happy dance as I write this.

  1. The Upside – January 11th: The Upside to me represents the first heart-warming movie of the year, bringing together comedy with dramatic life struggle. The movie tells the story of a man who has all the wealth someone could ask for, but has become a grumpy old man in response to his medical condition as a quadriplegic. He hires a new caretaker, and despite their very different backgrounds they become friends as he learns how to smile at life again. We get to see Kevin Hart in a different style role than what we are use to, while he is still meant to be the comedic relief we will also get to see him respond with deep emotion in this film. I am excited to see his growth as an actor, and the beautiful story behind the film.


  1. Glass - January 18th: M. Night Shyamalan is back with a new film bringing together two of our favorite stories in one magnificent way. Glass is a continuation story that blends the movies Unbreakable and Split all in one, and I have to say, when I first saw this trailer my mouth opened in awe just a little at the audacity of this wonderful storyline. If bringing together these two stories wasn’t enough we are also blessed to have the same actors reprising their roles with Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and James McAvoy staring. I am also excited to see one of my favorite actresses gracing the film Sarah Paulson, who I know will add other dynamics to the story with her character. This is definitely one of those “must-see-in-theaters” films.


  1. 2019 Sundance Film Festival - January 24th – Feb 3rd: The Sundance Film Festival is known for bringing together independent films from all over the world, and producing movie magic. This year with over 14,000 films submissions we are sure to see some greatness out of this festival. I am particularly excited about seeing Zac Efron play Ted Bundy in the film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Some have expressed reservations on gorgeous and dreamy Zac Efron playing the killer, however he may be able to bring a certain charm to the role that will prove to be very creepy. The Sundance Film Festival has a history of bringing us very good films, and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile may just turn out to be one of them.


  1. Serenity – January 25th: A new thriller starring Matthew McConaughey, whose character is propositioned by his ex-wife to kill her new husband for a modest 10 million dollars. McConaugheys’ wife is played by Anne Hathaway who looks incredibly sexy in the trailer; this is how Hathaway should have looked when she played Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises (jus sayin’). But, I digress; this dark yet sensual movie may be a really good watch for those of us who love a good thriller.


January may not have a magnitude of movies for our viewing pleasure, but the films that we are getting are sure to be pretty good. This listing is a perfect way to start off the new-year with a film for the heart, a film of action, a bountiful collection of indie-films, and a film of sexy mystery beginning our year of amazing movie adventures nice and easy.

Happy movie watching to you and thanks for reading!

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2018…The Year of the Ass-Kicking


A year of massive, earth shattering change; changes that were both unexpected and fully appreciated all at the same time.

This year put aside all my childhood visions of how life was supposed to turn out and replaced those visions with the view that anything at all is possible in my life. Not just what I thought life should be but the unexpected victories that God has in store for me, victories that will surely bump me in the head and say, “Gurl, you have no idea how life is ‘supposed’ to be.”

Now when all these changes were happening I wasn’t as appreciative and vision focused as I am now. I lost a few relationships; one romantic relationship that I actually lost end of 2017 but the after effects bled into 2018, I thought that relationship would last forever, and it took me more time than I wanted to get over that lost. I lost a few friendships that really shook me and showed me that no amount of love you can give a person can ever guarantee anyone else’s loyalty back to you. I was hurt, felt abandoned, and felt alone. In this loneliness I was forced to face things about myself I really wasn’t ready to face. I had expected myself to have a certain career at my age, a husband, kids, and at the moment I had none of those things. I had to deal with myself by myself and it made me realize how much I needed to love myself. I went through a forced career change, a change that may have saved my creative life, but cost me my financial security. All these changes forced me to find my foundation in entities other than peoples love and money. These changes slapped me in the face and forced me to look at life completely different than what I was use to, and honestly it was a good thing.

It was good for me to let go of the old me in favor of the new me. I was no longer the girl with those childhood dreams, and it was about time I accepted that and stopped fighting it. I’m a completely different person than who I was when I was in high school, and better yet completely different than the person I was a year ago. I’m still on the road to acceptance and discovery, but I’m much further along than I was when I started this year. When I started this year I was full of sadness and frustration at where my life was, and ending the year I am fully accepting where I am, who I am, and where I’m going. It’s this acceptance that has helped me find love for myself through my flaws, and I’m confident in 2019 that love will continue to grow. If it wasn’t for all of the people that walked out of my life and the factors that changed in 2018 I wouldn’t be able to walk into 2019 with the focus I have now.

2018 whooped my ass, but it was an ass beating that I needed. Like when the main character in your favorite movie gets that first initial ass kicking that shows them they really don’t know everything, they really do need help, and they really have a lot of work to do. Well, that’s what 2018 did to me, kicked me right in the ass in order to open my eyes to the effort and possibilities I was about to walk into. I’m ready for 2019, to take the lessons learned from this last year and turn them into victories the entire year long. 🙂


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The Perfection Misconception

Perfection, the quality of being free or as free as possible, from all flaws or defects; a trait that I labored under the idea I had to be, perfect, or as close to flawless as humanly imaginable.

Not offending anyone or stepping on any toes. Forever staying in the good graces of the people in my life, and always making sure to act and speak in a way that pleased others. I would make sure to dedicate my time based on the needs of others. I would try to be as nice as I possibly could, be sweeter than sweet, in order to avoid confrontation or making anyone disappointed in me. I was so worried with pleasing others that I forgot about tending to the most important relationship in my life, my relationship with self.

I spent the last few months of my 20s reflecting on the woman I was becoming, and ways I could better myself. Acknowledging aspects of my inner being that I needed to work on, such as my struggle with anxiety and depression, or my lack of ambition towards pursuing my personal dreams. I spent my days pretending to function successfully in the world, while spending my nights falling asleep on a tear soaked pillow. I had known for a while that I needed to get a handle on the battles that were raging inside of me, but I was choosing to focus on the outside world instead. My first distraction came from the extra attention and time I paid to my day job, adding other worry to my mind as I would struggle to find creative ways to be beyond helpful to my customers and a shining star to the company. After work, I wouldn’t spend my time de-toxing my mind with self-care, instead I’d fill my time with catering to the loved ones in my life. Overly extending myself for the people in my life, who half of the time weren’t even asking for my involvement, but I would always be willing to help. I was also finding myself filling my time with unhealthy relationships that drained my resources and energy, only so I could feel in some type of way that I was needed. All of this extra effort in the lives of others in order to avoid the issues boiling over inside of me and to delay the inevitable and incredibly needed self evaluation.

The avoidance of self was completely intentional. I didn’t want to deal with me, the depressing self-loathing bitch I was inching closer to becoming, and someone else’s chores or issues was so much easier for me to swallow. Easier for me to deal with as opposed to me bringing the depths of my darkest thoughts to the surface and shedding light on them. It wasn’t until my night time tears had become impossible to suppress, and my private sadness began seeping into my public life that I decided it was time to really give the love back to me. It had finally become a necessity to really spend some time with myself and learn to the love the good, the bad, the ugly, and the amazing things that make me, me. Putting me first meant that I would have to accept the fact that I couldn’t be everything to everybody.

I would never be able to do each action and speak each word in perfection as I had been trying to do. I would never spend as much time with each loved one in my life that they would like me to. I was going to disappoint some people, and miss out on some things when choosing myself first; but that didn’t mean that I love anyone in my life any less.  And I found that the great thing about loved ones is that true admirers in your life will continue to adore you in your imperfections.  True loved ones know that in order to love others completely and healthily you have to love yourself first. Perfection is a misconception that none of us will be able to bring to reality, that is why it is most important to have self love so that you know that even if you aren't perfect you are still worthy of accomplishments and love.


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Fear of Flying

Trying to remain calm, and keep my cool. I close my eyes, begin my deep breathing, counting my breaths as I feel my chest and abdomen rising and falling.

I am attempting to fill my mind entirely of my breathing and my breathing only, as anticipation continues to build up in my gut. I have flown before, on longer flights than the one I’m on now, and each flight always begins the same. With me seemingly composed when taking my seat and then freaking out ever so slightly before and during take-off.

The weather was switching between calm and stormy, typical conditions for my home city this time of year. There was also a high chance of turbulence, and those factors pretty much guaranteed my anxiety would be poked. Thoughts begin to flutter around my mind, as I think of all the negative possibilities. Perhaps the dreaded voyage through turbulence would get too much for me, resulting in me relieving myself in sickness all over the passenger next to me. Maybe the weather would exceed all expectations, proving to be much too treacherous for safe flight, and lead me to a Final Destination like fate. These thoughts and others show up in my mind, like previews for a new movie, as the plane continues its ascension.

However, as terrifying as these outrageous ideas may seem, I stay in my seat. I don’t run down the aisle and off the plane full of fear. I remain planted in my position, take a deep breath, and prepare myself for the inevitable take-off. Having already purchased my ticket, packed my bags, and had family suffer through Houston traffic to drop me off at the airport. It would be a complete waste in more ways than one if I was to not take the trip. So I do. I take off into the sky; causing uneasiness to flash in and out of my stomach until we reach the high altitude of flight above the clouds and I can see nothing but beautiful blue skies. It is at this moment, high above the previously feared stormy clouds, where my fear of flying dissipates. I am overwhelmed with the beauty of the endless sky and seduced into thinking of nothing else. While gazing at the magnificence of my surroundings, a thought strikes me as to how my fear of flying extends into my everyday life.

I have been afraid of taking flight towards my dreams and ambitions. Having flashes of failure show itself in my mind; envisioning all of the possibilities of me crashing and burning. In contrast to the flight I am on now, where I stay in my seat and take a deep breath of preparation before soaring. In my everyday life I run. I hit the aisle as fast as possible and run as far as my legs can take me. I run away from the beautiful yet frightening aspiration, away from that challenging situation, away from that potential passion. In life I have let the fear of me falling overtake my belief in me flying.  As if possibilities aren’t as endless as the blue skies I am currently physically flying through. My fear of flying has kept me grounded in this life. I remain unharmed but also uninspired, not seeing the amazing endless horizon of possibilities life has to offer me. It’s so easy to believe in the negative angles and act on these; instead of realizing that the same way crashing and burning is a possibility, so is flying and soaring. It is a personal choice to act on fear as opposed to moving in faith.

As we begin our final descend towards our landing point, I made the decision to accept the possibility of flying in all areas of my life. I will do this by choosing to put weight on my positive thoughts as opposed to the negative ones. I can act and live in the belief that I can fly. I can sit down, take a deep breath, and prepare myself for flight. It may be a bumpy ride but that doesn’t change the fact that I am still flying. I am soaring bravely towards my future, feeling the fear but acting anyway, and expecting a beautiful landing.

I encourage you to do the same. Take flight, don’t live another day of your life acting on the fear of flying. Believe you can soar, believe you can do more, and take flight! Take time to write down your fearful thoughts and change them into powerful statements of expected achievement. Negativity isn’t the only probable outcome in your future; positivity is also feasible if only you’d believe.


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Ode to Kimberly.

The revelation was intense and clear. It left no room for questions or debate; and confirmed my decision entirely.

Confirmed how much and how serious it is for me to move forward. I had prayed for a sign, prayed for an epiphany to enlighten the path that was right for me, and you gave it to me. It was all due to my conversation with you, Kimberly, which set my path straight towards liberation.

You see I have served you and others like you the majority of my life. I have served you your food and served you your drinks. I have fetched your numerous requests while you were enjoying your family and friends. I have greeted you with a smile when you have travelled from the comforts of your home to a new city. Made you breakfast, cleaned the room where you slept, cleaned the kitchen where you cooked, even cleaned the bathroom where you shit.

I have taken your distress calls when things have gone wrong with your food, your hotel room, even the delivery of your online orders.  I have been yelled at and cussed out over everything from the presentation of your food, to the impeccable cleanliness of your travel accommodations, to deliverance of your merchandise, and now the convenience of your healthcare. Even though I take the brunt of your frustrations, the systems and processes that you tear me a new one for, I have no control over. NONE. The things you yell at me for, your helper, your agent, and your advocate; are things I truly cannot control. That is because the company that I work for isn’t MINE, when you say “your company didn’t do blank” you really aren’t talking to the owner, just someone the owner pays to deal with you.

I cannot change the menu at the restaurant for you, or change the policies at the hotel you are staying at. I cannot control how your package was delivered, and I certainly cannot control what medical procedures your health plan will cover. All I can do is do my best to help you and put my most sincere efforts into solving your issue, which I always try to do. However, I am caught in the middle of some massive company’s policies and the needs of my customer. Seemed like I was doomed to a vicious cycle where I was cussed out by the likes of you on one end, and punished for not follow procedure on the other end.

Oh, but then I spoke with you Kimberly, and it was after our conversation that I realized I wasn’t doomed at all and I had a choice. I don’t have to get yelled at by you and reprimanded by the company that caused this cuss out. I don’t have to work for a place I don’t agree with while getting screamed at for principle’s I didn’t even implement. No, I don’t have to do that at all; I can make my own. All of this strife, energy, and time spent handling another company’s light weight could be directed towards me building my own enterprise. This company life, in the service of others dictated by the rules of others, is not the life I’ve dreamed for myself. No, I see myself doing MORE, and as a strong woman I owe it to myself to at least try.

I will reach for the stars in hopes that the universe will respond with blessings as long as I continue to stretch. Stretch my mind past the conditions of where my life is and towards the vision of what my life can be. So Kimberly, you brought me stress and frustration, you brought tears to my eyes, and returned my desperation to help you into nothing but spite for you. You, Kimberly, gave me the final push I needed to let go and jump. Leap into action towards my goals and dreams instead of dedicating precious energy into someone else’s organization. For that reason I thank you, and my disgust towards you has turned into appreciation. There is a lesson behind every struggle and my lesson was to put more energy into myself.

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Sza Complex

When I like someone and feel that connection I think to myself “yes, this is it!” When in reality it is not.

Intuition rings in my ear, like the alarm clock interrupting your dream in the morning. How desperate was I to stay hidden under the covers, engulfed in the ecstasy that my dream world was giving me. I keep hitting the snooze button and resetting my time, until I can’t any longer. I press on snooze until sunshine peeps through my window oh so disrespectfully and wakes my ass up reminding me why I shouldn’t have slept so long in the first place. It opens my eyes and after I adjust to the light I find out what the reality is. The aching reality that comes into view is my devotion to a person being matched by their devotion to themselves.

I live in a world where both men and women admire the SZA like behavior. We enjoy having someone devoted and having something on the side. Born into a world where people don’t want lasting love; they want love like lust that can linger only until they are ready for the next experience. They want to be able to lay with one just to turn around and lay with others. Unfortunately, for people like me, we do NOT want the same thing. We do not need to slide into someone else’s DM’s, we do not want a main and a side piece, we do not want the during the week and weekend thing. We just want the real thing. God how I loathed that “Weekend” song and everything it implied. Not because Sza didn’t song the song beautifully or because the song itself didn’t jam. Not because it wasn’t a big hit, not because it wasn’t played on the radio almost every time I got in the car. My loathing of the song was definitely not because Sza herself is a mediocre artist, because she is one of the baddest bitches in the game. None of those reasons, no, it’s probably because in my case I’m not the weekend lover feeling empowered that she takes a man from his woman if only for a few days. No, most of the time, I’m the during the week bitch who’s giving everything and doing everything for the relationship that is within her strength. I could be the weekend girl, Lord knows he’s blessed me with the looks, but I choose not to. In my younger more selfish days I was the weekend lover for a man, allowing him to have his cake and eat it too with me, then return to his committed main at home. Only to see firsthand the heart break of another that I knowingly participated in. I have been the girl hurt, and I have been the girl that has done the hurting, and I’d rather not assist in hurting another queen.

I just have to face it, I am not Sza. When I have a man he’s not your man too, he’s mine. And when my man has me, he doesn’t have to worry about sharing off of his plate, he can eat his full entrée by his damn self. There’s not a lot who think like me anymore, or if there is, we aren’t being broadcasted. Sometimes I wish I could just be like everyone else. Loving whoever, whenever, fulfilling the void of love by quick and easy conquests. Satisfying their love hunger with tv dinners and fast food; and while the bagged feasts and microwaveable nourishment may quickly alleviate appetite it will never be as satisfying as a dinner that was made with love and full of flavor. For me, I want home cooking and there is nothing wrong with that. Instead of me questioning myself, how about acknowledging the beauty that is me?

Just because the world is one way doesn’t mean I have to be that way. It reminds me of what old parents use to say when talking to their kids about their desires to be in the “in crowd” and do everything precisely as the cool kids do “If you see what’s his name jumping off a cliff you gon’ jump off too?!” The answer would always be an eye roll followed by a reluctant “no”.  But, honestly, if I saw groups of Sza like people jumping off of a cliff one by one I wouldn’t think to myself “Hey, you better get on it! These guys are obviously on to something, you need to get your life Sis, be like everyone else, and jump!”

Hell no! I know who I am and how I love and it is beautiful. I am gorgeous and smart and funny. I’m cooler than the other side of the pillow and my love is as bright as a full moon on a clear night’s sky. Honestly, I’m the shit. Not to sound cocky, but I have to know what I bring to the table in order to know who can sit or cannot sit with me. I know a day coming soon the person of my dreams will walk into my reality, and I have to give them a confident me. It’s important that I know who I am, how I love, how loyal I can be, and how beautiful it is to be someone like me!





And eventually…I’ll run into you and you into me

Wandering around the crowd like the others aimlessly

After deciding to seek after what’s lasting and real,

Instead of going through life playing the field.

And you’ll see me and I’ll see you

We’ll take time to bask in each other; wonder how God brought something so true.

And he’ll lead me to you, the one who loves like me.

Waking me from a nightmare into a beautiful reality,

Where our lives don’t overtake each other but they meet.

And our souls apart never feel quite as complete

We’ll sing praises to Yah for allowing this love to come over.

And walk straight into our future, without looking over our shoulders…

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