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June Blerdy Movie List

Summer, Summer movie time!!

I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I think about the movies we have just waiting for us to watch. The month of May definitely took us on an ass kicking adventure, particularly with John Wicks lethal ass. I know June is going to be just as beastly with the movie selection that we have.

  1. Dark Phoenix – June 7th

I personally think Sophie Turner is gonna be phenomenal in this role!!! I’m so excited to see her portrayal of the “Dark Phoenix”, Jean Grey’s alter ego and arguably one of the greatest enemies the X-Men ever faced. I hope this movie will kind of make up for the original X-Men movies which fell a little sort in the epicness department. The X-Men story is such a great comic and was such a good cartoon growing up, I really hope this movie does The Phoenix story justice

  1. Shaft – June 14th

Daaaaaaaaammnn right! Who is da man?! Ok, I’mma stop lol, but seriously who isn’t excited about this movie?! We as the audience get three generations of Shaft, and I for one am all for it! I have high hopes for this movie; it seems to have everything needed to make an entertaining film. Including an amazingly talented writer, Kenya Barris creator of one of our favorite Blerdy shows Black-ish. As well as a magical cast including the great mutha fucka himself Samuel L. Jackson, Regina Hall (wit her fine ass), Jessie T. Usher, and the legend himself Richard Roundtree.

  1. MIB International – June 14th

Yeap, another Men in Black film but this time….international. AND with an appropriate amount of sexy cuz lets face it, Tommy Lee Jones just wasn’t cutting it. MIB International stars the absolutely dreamy and gorgeous Chris Hemsworth, and a beautiful example of black girl magic in Tessa Thompson, or basically Thor and Valkyrie. I actually enjoyed Men in Black III and I’m interested to see how International will continue the franchise.

  1. Toni Morrison: The Pieces I am – June 21st

Toni Morrison…icon, game-changer, and writer. The Beloved author takes us on a journey into her life, as we get a glimpse into the existence of this iconic storyteller and a look behind the themes that made the author such a legend. I’m excited for this window we get into the life of this queen; I know this documentary will only make my awe of her increase tremendously.

There’s a movie for your inner comic book nerd, a movie to encourage your black power enthusiasm, a movie for the space nerd inside of you, and a documentary for the soul; the June blerdy movies are filled with all the vibes necessary to fulfill all your movie needs. Let your imagination wander and your creativity blossom by being engulfed in a really good film this month.

Happy watching, and remember…Live well, prosper, and all dat sh*t!

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May Blerdy Movie List.

We even got the Month of May for movies!! (A little Temptations reference for my old school R&B lovers lol)

Typically, I expect the month of May to kick off our Summer as a prelude to movie awesomeness. This year however, I feel like the movies released this month could’ve had a little more bang for our buck. On the other hand, with us still reeling over the Endgame buzz I guess it is ok to let May glide us into our summertime movie going as opposed to thrusting us there. Without any further delay, here are my blerdy picks for the month of May.


  1. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum May 17, 2019

John Wick is back! And it seems he is definitely ready to kick some ass in this third installment to the John Wick movie series. With the entire league of deadly assassins on his back, John Wick, portrayed by Neo oh I mean Keanu Reaves, must fight for his life literally against a murderous army of like-minded killers. However, this time he won’t be alone, Keanu will be joined by black girl magic royalty Ms. Halle Berry herself. Now…whenever I think of Halle Berry in an action film it reminds me of Catwoman and I cringe, but the trailer makes it seem like Halle really commitment to a role of action. This role may revitalize her as a woman of color actress who can also kick ass; well at least I hope it does.


  1. The Sun is Also a Star – May 17, 2019

Typically, I am not drawn to a romantic film unless it has action, or in this case a deep ass story line. Our favorite daughter from Black-ish is starring in her own profound love story, where a boy is trying his best to win HER beautiful black girl heart. The Sun is Also a Star is based on the book with the same name following the story of two young people brought together by fate, connected by love, and threatened to be torn apart by society’s malfunctions. How can love survive when the country we live in is so keen on separation?


  1. Aladdin – May 24, 2019

Arguably my favorite Disney movie as a child has been transformed into a live adaptation. I still have tears in my eyes knowing that unlike The Lion King that was able to have royalty reprise their role in James Earl Jones, we will not be able to see Robin Williams portray the live version of the Genie. I know his voice and overall comical genius will leave a hole missing in this film. However, I am hoping that our brother Will Smith will be able to bring something new and refreshing to this classic. Make Robin proud Will!


  1. Ma – May 31, 2019

When I first saw the preview to this movie my initial thought was, “what the hell is Octavia Spencer’s beastly actin ass doin in this movie and to these white kids?!” And more importantly why?? Pure curiosity to the structure of the villain and her behavior drives me to see this film. I want to see this amazing, iconic actress, take on this sinister role and the story behind Ma’s choices.


  1. Rocketman – May 31, 2019

ROCKETMAAANNN!!! *said in my Elton John voice* Yes! A biopic about Elton John deserves to be experienced on the big screen. I’m not too familiar with the origin story of Elton John so I am excited to see how this powerhouse and legend came to be. Also, I’m excited to see our favorite Kingsman, Taron Egerton, in a dramatic biopic. I’m hoping he’ll show off some acting skills viewers would’ve never guessed him to posses.


All of the movies for this fifth month of the year are sure to bring us new and exciting features that will spark our movie going urges for the entire summer. We have a plethora of roles to look forward, and a summer time of happy movie adventures.


Which movies are you excited to see??


Thank you for reading! Live well, prosper, and all dat sh*t!


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A Blerdy View: Us

Jordan Peele has done it again! He has succeeded in creating a truly unique and suspenseful thriller that will leave you full of thoughts after seeing it.

After turning heads and opening eyes with his first film Peele returns to be even more thought provoking than before; while also providing an excellent display of black magic in the process.

Peele definitely did a great job following up Get Out with releasing Us. Us is a movie with similar suspense and horror, but a completely different vibe than its predecessor. Us took me places I had no idea the movie was going to go, which is so refreshing because I was not forced to sit through a predictable story line. The movie made you jump in your seat, yell out at the screen, and look at your neighbor with the “aw hell naw” face whenever the antagonists in the film made a creepy move. In addition to the unpredictable storyline, as a viewer you could not help but to notice the amazing acting throughout the film.

“There’s a family in our driveway” *looks at neighbor aw hell naw face applies*

And it was in fact the actors playing nice family and evil family simultaneously throughout the film with an equal amount of innocence and creepiness. Lupita shinned in her leading role! The black girl magic was so real! Absolutely motherly, and absolutely terrifying and crazy; she acted her ass off in this film and really made you see how messed up it would be to fight your evil self.

Lupita’s performance did not outshine her costars however they were also equally as relatable and terrifying. The daughter played by Shahadi Wright…was just fucking creepy no other way to put it. She portrayed the typical teenage girl and the beastly villain all in one. Evan Alex who played the son also did an amazing job in the film portraying himself and his crazed doppelganger. Also, Winston Duke showing off his acting chops, being hilarious in one scene and showing up all big and mean on another. They played both sides and played them very well. Neither character was exactly the same as the other nor did they share any creepy traits. The characters and their doppelgangers were individuals and acted out perfectly.

All in all it was a great movie, one that I definitely want to watch again because it did leave me scratching my head. I still might like Get Out better than Us even with how great Us is. The ending might have fucked with me a little too much, but isn’t that what horror is supposed to do to you?

Us is definitely blerdy approved for your viewing, and recommended to see in theaters with friends. This is a movie I am actually grateful to have seen in theaters and want to see it on the big screen at least one more time.

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A Blerdy View: Captain Marvel

Soaring to the big screen and into Marvel universe glory is the highly anticipated film, Captain Marvel.

Marvel fans have waited to see the new hero and witness her origin story. Female marvel fans may have had an increased level of excitement to see what this bad ass super hero could do, and we weren’t disappointed. Captain Marvel showed off her kick ass fighting style, as well as her extensive power. While it may not have been Marvels best movie to date, it definitely wasn’t the worst (Sorry Captain America your first movie still holds that crown).

Captain Marvel tickled my interest completely from the first preview all the way to the ending of Infinity War when Fury pressed his panic button right on time before completely disintegrating into nothingness. The role being brought to life by actress Brie Larson also peaked my interest; I wanted to see what this actress could bring to a super hero as powerful Captain Marvel. How can she portray this powerful being? And would she be relatable? So many times super hero’s or heroine’s are missing qualities that make you feel as though they could understand you as a person. A super righteous alien from another planet or an Amazon princess with limited life experience is not likely to understand all the woes of humanity, no matter how great they are. The most dominant question was this; could any girl see herself as being Captain Marvel?

After seeing the movie I believe my answer would be yes.

Any girl with enough determination and guts could end up in the same circumstances that bred Captain Marvel. What made Captain Marvel extraordinary in the film was not just her amazing power or where that power came from, it was her humanity. Having emotions and using those emotions as her strength even when others advised against it. Marvel as a universe excels at making magnificent beings of power, while also making those characters as relatable as you and me.

The film as a whole however….was a film I could’ve waited to see at home, I’m not gonna lie. It’s not that the film didn’t have cinematic affect it just felt as though something was missing in order to make the film truly mind blowing. Maybe it was lacking a more in depth hidden back story or perhaps the speed of the storyline was too fast.  Maybe it was the mind battle where she defeated a portion of her foes, or maybe it was how she defeated that foe, I really can’t say for sure. However, I can say that there was just a little something missing from Captain Marvel to make the movie absolutely amazing. Whatever the case may be it is still definitely a movie to see, it’s just not a bad choice if you decide to skip the theater.

I will watch it again whenever it comes to Netflix or whatever entity Disney is going to create to fuck some things up. Even with the lack of cinematic necessity I will still say Captain Marvel is blerdy approved for your view, even from the comforts of your own home.

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A Blerdy View: What Men Want

Sexy humor, a gorgeous cast, and some bad ass outfits;

What Men Want succeeded in creating a solid romantic comedy with beautiful melanin overtones. While there isn’t too much to be said on the plot and storyline of the film, I have to say that the humor was absolutely attention grabbing and the focal point of the movie.

I was excited to see What Men Want, and not because it is a romantic comedy, but because of the revamp the film was having from its predecessor to a more colorful cast and script. Taraji P. Henson was the perfect leading lady for the film, delivering that tough as hell, powerful, black Queen magic vibe that the film needed. Her supporting cast was also very inspired from her cute and funny love interest Aldis Hodge, the father of her desired client Tracy Morgan, and her hilarious and right on time assistant Josh Brener. Let me just say that when I have the need for an assistant I hope I can be blessed with one as funny and as perfect as he made his character. Of course, there was also the appearance of Erykah Badu’s character who really added to the overall comical theme of the film, her addition to the cast was definitely a plus for the movie. The performances in the film were really very entertaining, and they had to be as the plot was very cookie cutter for a romantic comedy.

The writers seemed to have followed the handbook for a romantic comedy step by step. An introduction to the lead female characters life, a disappointing situation for the lead character; then the love interest is added in, the twist of the film is revealed, followed by the main character having a serious wakeup call, and of course a happy ending where the lead character is finally satisfied. There were also a few questionable scenes where you’re left wondering, “why would the main character do that?” while watching the remainder of the plot unfold. However, the film is saved by a truly humorous script and cast, and actually left participants in the theater laughing out loud throughout the movie.

Overall, What Men Want was not a disappointment and delivered a good romantic comedy. If you love romantic comedy’s I would recommend seeing the movie in the theaters just to share in the laughter, however if you aren’t a romantic comedy lover you can definitely wait for the movie to get to redbox. Not saying it is a bad film, but it is predictable, the comedy and cast are the only factors making this film Blerdy Approved for your view.

Let me know what you think of the movie, and thanks for reading!

Live well, prosper, and all dat shit!


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February Blerdy Movie List

February…..there is a lot of good energy throughout this short month.

We get to celebrate Black History month, it’s also the month of love, and the month for movie sequels. Well, that last part isn’t exactly a thing, but we do have a couple of sequels/continuation stories to look forward to this month. As well as a few other movies that have the potential to be Blerdy Approved, so without any further delay, here is my picks for must see movies of Feb.

What Men Want - February 8th: What Men Want is a remake/continuation story to the romantic comedy from the 2000’s What Women Want starring Mel Gipson and Helen Hunt. This reversal remake is taking a peep into the minds of men as opposed to women (God how I wish I had that power) and stars Taraji P. Henson a.k.a Cookie Lyon and Aldis Hodge. This movie excites me as this truly Americanized story is getting a real dash of color in its revamp with its vibrant cast and storyline. Henson is sure to be hilarious and we even get some extra black queen magic appearing in the film in the form of the goddess Erykah Badu.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part – February 8th: I will tell anyone I speak with regarding cartoon movies about the original The Lego Movie, just to make sure they know it is definitely worth watching. The first Lego Movie had humor that seemed to be made with adults in mind. The Lego Movie had more than just humor; it was also paired with a morally uplifting storyline that was really beautiful. I am hoping that the sequel will be just as good as the first. I’m not too sure I can hope for better than the first, but I can definitely cross my fingers that The Second Part will be just as wonderful as the first film

Alita: Battle Angel - February 14th: James Cameron partners with Laeta Kalogridis to bring us a new visually stunning film adapting the manga Gunnm. I am very excited to see this film as I am hoping it will have breathtaking visuals and super awesome action scenes. I am also eager to see how Rosa Salazar brings the cyborg Alita to life with her performance. This is the kind of movie that I feel deserves to be viewed on the big screen, and may have the potential of being as visually effective as Avatar.

Those are my 3 must-see’s for the month of February. This movie list is a decent mixture of family fun, sci-fi action, and even a romantic comedy (which I normally don’t do). There are a couple of other films coming out that are noteworthy, such as Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t it Romantic which I’m interested in seeing because it promises to poke fun at romantic comedy norms. This film however, I can wait for the DVD or firestick to see if ya know what I mean.

Let me know which movies you are excited to see!

And thank you for reading, live well, prosper, and all that sh*t!

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Blerdy January Movie List

It’s finally 2019! And we are starting off the year full of awesomeness in our goals, in our dreams, and in our movie selection for this month. Unfortunately, we do not have a large number of films to look forward to, but the movies that we do have to anticipate are sure to please in more ways than one.

So, without any further delay here are my blerdy picks for the month of January; I’m so excited for these movies I’m doing a happy dance as I write this.

  1. The Upside – January 11th: The Upside to me represents the first heart-warming movie of the year, bringing together comedy with dramatic life struggle. The movie tells the story of a man who has all the wealth someone could ask for, but has become a grumpy old man in response to his medical condition as a quadriplegic. He hires a new caretaker, and despite their very different backgrounds they become friends as he learns how to smile at life again. We get to see Kevin Hart in a different style role than what we are use to, while he is still meant to be the comedic relief we will also get to see him respond with deep emotion in this film. I am excited to see his growth as an actor, and the beautiful story behind the film.


  1. Glass - January 18th: M. Night Shyamalan is back with a new film bringing together two of our favorite stories in one magnificent way. Glass is a continuation story that blends the movies Unbreakable and Split all in one, and I have to say, when I first saw this trailer my mouth opened in awe just a little at the audacity of this wonderful storyline. If bringing together these two stories wasn’t enough we are also blessed to have the same actors reprising their roles with Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and James McAvoy staring. I am also excited to see one of my favorite actresses gracing the film Sarah Paulson, who I know will add other dynamics to the story with her character. This is definitely one of those “must-see-in-theaters” films.


  1. 2019 Sundance Film Festival - January 24th – Feb 3rd: The Sundance Film Festival is known for bringing together independent films from all over the world, and producing movie magic. This year with over 14,000 films submissions we are sure to see some greatness out of this festival. I am particularly excited about seeing Zac Efron play Ted Bundy in the film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Some have expressed reservations on gorgeous and dreamy Zac Efron playing the killer, however he may be able to bring a certain charm to the role that will prove to be very creepy. The Sundance Film Festival has a history of bringing us very good films, and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile may just turn out to be one of them.


  1. Serenity – January 25th: A new thriller starring Matthew McConaughey, whose character is propositioned by his ex-wife to kill her new husband for a modest 10 million dollars. McConaugheys’ wife is played by Anne Hathaway who looks incredibly sexy in the trailer; this is how Hathaway should have looked when she played Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises (jus sayin’). But, I digress; this dark yet sensual movie may be a really good watch for those of us who love a good thriller.


January may not have a magnitude of movies for our viewing pleasure, but the films that we are getting are sure to be pretty good. This listing is a perfect way to start off the new-year with a film for the heart, a film of action, a bountiful collection of indie-films, and a film of sexy mystery beginning our year of amazing movie adventures nice and easy.

Happy movie watching to you and thanks for reading!

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A Blerdy View: Aquaman

DC Comics latest attempt at a good movie with Aquaman was, in this blerds opinion, a really good effort as opposed to some of their other films.

Aquaman was visually impressive and had a light hearted humor that we don’t always see from DC. It was a decent movie with amazing visual effects that almost makes the viewers ignore the predictable storyline and sometimes ridiculous sea-related humor.

“Permission to come aboard”, is just one of the many seaside puns Aquaman states in the movie as he comes to the rescue of a submarine that has been overcome by new age pirates. To be fair Jason Momoa gives Aquaman a swag that we probably never expected from the king of Atlantis. He is funny, a total bad ass, and sexy as all hell. He makes the green and gold Aquaman suit look better than it ever has, and that is not an easy task. However, the questionable storyline, at times awkward fighting scenes, and even the placing of pivotal movie points were all over the place in this film. The kiss scene all on its own gave me the biggest eye roll I’ve had in a movie for the entire 2018 year.

However, Aquaman was a highly entertaining film and beautiful to watch on the big screen. I would even go to the theaters to see it in 3-D just because the effects really are amazing. As far is it being the best DC comic movie we’ve had, I can’t say that with complete confidence. I can say that I do recommend seeing this movie especially in the theaters, and due to its extremely lovely visuals, it is approved for your blerdy view.   

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A Blerdy View: Mary Poppins Returns

Magical and uplifting is how I can describe this continuation story of Mary Poppins.

I was very excited to see this movie and witness how Rob Marshall and David Magee were able to bring this timeless story back to life.  They were able to continue the wonder and beauty of Mary Poppins, in a most delightful way. 😉

Let’s first speak on the leading lady of the movie, Emily Blunt who literally made the big screen shine with her performance. Blunt showed just how versatile of an actress she really is if there were any doubts; singing, dancing, and still able to produce laughter while portraying a complete character. She was absolutely wonderful in this film, as was her costar Lin-Manuel Miranda, who almost stole the show so to speak with his amazing talent. He made the character Jack so loving and adorable, and showed true talent in his musical performance scenes. All actors were able to draw you further into the movie with their performances, and the musical scenes transitioned very smoothly from one scene to the next. I will say that the final scenes weren’t as smooth as the early parts in the film, and the movie does seem to come to an end rather abruptly. However, this does not take away from the overall whimsical affect of the movie, or the beautiful message of positivity.

Mary Poppins Returns was a movie about struggle, and a reminder to look on the positive side of a situation even when things seem to be going completely wrong. I feel as though this was a really beautiful and appropriate message especially at this time when we are constantly reminded of everything that is going wrong in the world and in our lives. We have a large number of people being vocal on their struggle with depression and even suicidal thoughts from living in a world with so much turmoil. This movie attempted to bring a smile through the pain and remind us that everything we need to survive is usually right at home within ourselves and family.

Overall, the acting, beautiful visual effects, and uplifting message make Mary Poppins Returns a great holiday movie. Mary Poppins Returns is perfect movie to take the kids to see and a great movie for you to get lost in your imagination watching. Mary Poppins Returns delivers a great new chapter to the Mary Poppins story and is definitely blerdy approved for you to view.

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Blerdy December Movie List

December 2018 is ending the year with several potentially good movies for our viewing pleasure. We have a healthy mixture of super hero, futuristic, and even comical movies to look forward too.

The time has come to get out your coats, boots, and scarves and take a trip to the theaters for some cinematic adventure. Here is a small list of this prettylittleblerds must see movies for December 2018, grab some time away from the holiday season grind, and free your mind with one of these movies! 😉

  1. Mortal Engines – December 14

Peter Jackson and the filmmakers that brought us The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series are back with a new possibly beastly movie series adaption with Mortal Engines. With four books we can only hope that the movies are engaging enough to inspire production of the complete series, and keep us mover goers going back for all four films.

  1. Mary Poppins Returns – December 19

I am particularly excited about the Mary Poppins continuation story with Emily Blunt taking over for Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. The original is a childhood favorite, everyone knows about having a spoonful of sugar to help their medicine go down, and the new film has so much potential to be another classic. Emily Blunt is already receiving praise for her performance, and while she can never take the place of the original Mary Poppins in our hearts, she may be able to inspire the next generation to fall in love with the Poppins story as well.

  1. AquaMan – December 21

Aquaman, which is already making waves at the box office in China, may just be one of the best DC movies we’ve had, because let’s keep it real DC Comics has struggled in the cinematic world. Even if it isn’t…Jason Momoa making the green and gold Aquaman suit look so good is enough of a reason for me to see the movie, jus sayin.

  1. Welcome to Marwen – December 21

This story is so amazing the trailer immediately provoked my imaginative, blerdy, and hippe sides. About a man who suffers a horrible trauma and in order to cope he creates his own world where he is able to find the courage to heal from the inside out. The world he creates looks incredibly fascinating, and we are blessed with some black girl magic in the film as well with Miss Janelle Monae making an appearance. I’m excited to see this world that Steve Carell’s character creates, and be inspired by the journey his character undergoes.

  1. Holmes & Watson – Christmas Day

So, I’m going to admit that I do have a blerdy obsession with Sherlock Holmes. I love the genius in his detective skill, and appreciate his partner Watson equally as well; especially the Watson that was portrayed by Jude Law in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock series.  This version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson is going to be brought to life by Will Ferrell and John C. Riley, and it is a challenge for me to imagine a more hilarious pair to play the characters. I cannot wait to see the way they bring Holmes & Watson to life.

That is my top 5 list for anticipated movies for December 2018, and in my defense I couldn’t put all the movies I’m excited about in this one post or else it would’ve been like a million words lol. As such a few movies were left out including the Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, the Dragon Ball Super Broly, the musical/drama Vox Lux, and a few others. December is an interesting month for movies, and I’m really hoping with all the potential we can end 2018 with some good movie vibes.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Live well, prosper, and all dat sh*t!

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