What is a blerd?

/blərd/ noun INFORMAL

– A Black/Brown Nerd –
An individual with melanin enhanced skin, who is culturally endowed while also possessing nerdy obessions

What is your blog about?

PrettyLittleBlerd is all about living life in color, believing in magic, and the constant quest of learing and understanding my personal super power.

PrettyLittleBlerd is a lifestyle blog bringing together my love of nerdy things, succh as my completely obnoxious love for Harry Potter, and mixing it with the everyday lifestyle struggles of a #blackgirlmagic filled Queen.

Here you will find all forms of imagination, self adoration, and a nerdy perspective on all things from a real n*gga.

PrettyLittleBlerd is vibrant, it’s real, it’s emotional, it’s unfiltered, it’s Life from the eyes of a goofy, intelligent, black, Queen! Giving a voice to all the little blerdies out there, that true beauty lies in being you and living  BLERDY BY NATURE!