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Blerdy Events for June

The city of Houston has SO MANY culture rich activities for us blerdies to enjoy. Check out my list for this month of just a few events H-town has to offer this month.

  1. Cotton &Cornrows – June 7th

Poetry, spoken words of realness, black people magic all around; that is what can be expected from this event. Cotton & Cornrows is featuring an amazing author, poet, and new friend Millicent Campbell with her debut poetry book Cotton & Cornrows. Her performance is guaranteed to be riveting, the art is sure to be breath taking, it is the perfect event to bring in your weekend in an oh so artistic way.

  1. 2019 Houston Reggae Fest – June 8th

I know it is gonna be hot as hell, but I would still be ready to attend Houston’s Reggae Fest and soak in all the culture and good vibes I can. This event will feature artists from all over, vendors to make you spend your coins, and authentic Jamaican and Caribbean food. Sure, it’ll be hot, but you’ll walk away with an amazing experience, happy taste buds, and memories of a good time.

  1. Anime Matsuri 2019 – June 13th – 16th

With the goal of bringing color into the world the Anime Matsuri is the place for all blerds, geeks, dreamers, and creativity seekers alike. This annual Anime and Japanese culture festival is one that is fanciful and family friendly. The entire family can enjoy the culture rich experience and ignite their imaginations for the summer.

  1. Afrobeats Block Party – June 22nd

Artists, vendors, Djs, culture heavy, vibrant glow, and a plentiful amount of black people magic. Diversity overload with this event of dance music and culture. Me, myself unfortunately will not be able to attend because I will be in a wedding. But if I wasn’t I’d be all up in this thang, diving head first into the culture.

So there it is my blerdy events for the month of June. Houston has plenty of culture rich and inspiring events to engage yourself with this month. Grab an artistic soul-mate, friend, lover, or whomever and experience this Htown culture first hand!

Missed Out On:

The month of June is packed with blerdy shit to do! I missed out of these events, but had to shout them out for their awesomeness.

H-Town Pancakes & Booze Art Show – June 1st:

The Pancakes & Booze Art Show bring vibrant art choices around the country, and this year celebrating 10 years of artistic magic featuring several Houston artists including @ucantdrawjohnny and @bedroomstrokes just to name a couple.

WriteFest Houston – WriteSpace – May 27th – June 2nd:

Every year WriteFest takes place in Houston and features so much inspiration for up and coming writers. I will definitely try my best to make it to next year’s festival; it’s a great opportunity to build writing knowledge and meet fellow writers.

Make your inner blerd happy by participating in at least one of these events, and be sure to check out my page next month for more events to take advantage of.

You can also....


Thanks for reading! Live well, prosper, and all dat sh*t!

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NOLA Darling.

WooooW…the one word I can use to describe all the vibes from this past Memorial Day Weekend/Bachelorette Celebration for one of the heauxs in New Orleans, LA.

I always love coming to this city, and this trip just made me fall even more in love. It was the energy of the wonderful people we encountered, the ambiance of the live music down virtually every block; it was the delicious food and stiff drinks, and the laughter that filled every single minute that made this trip so special.  We celebrated and walked around that city in the full glory of who we are, black and beautiful Queens.

This trip to NOLA had so much glow it was ridiculous, just outrageous for us to shine the way we were. Visiting this magical city with this group of Queens was an experience like no other; it was as if we discovered our own secret dimension of joy and queendom. On the first night of our trip we decided to live it up at The Hangover Bar, and really bring in our trip with full NOLA vibes. We listened to bounce music, shook a little something, and ate some really delicious lemon pepper wings. The next day we continued our cuisine experience with a trip to Oceana’s on Bourbon and Conti. Let me tell you, EVERYTHING about this Oceana’s visit was on point. Our food was scrumptious and flavorful, our waitress Bree was nice and knowledgeable, and we even got free crab cakes as a bonus! We were so full we had no choice but to walk on Bourbon St. for a hand grenade and a brief dance intermission at Razzoo’s. That evening we went back on Bourbon St. and partied until 4am, the full details of that night not to be discussed on this blog lol. On our last night, we experienced a beautiful surprise by eating dinner at Morrow’s a petite restaurant with full R&B vibes; before ending the night real chill on Frenchman St. Of course, before we left the next morning we had to hit up Café Du Monde for some strong ass coffee and deliciously sweet beignets.

All of the adventures from the trip were oozing with a good time, however the best part of our journey wasn’t even the activities we partook in. It was more than the good food and drinks, it was the laughter shared between four sister-friends and the freedom of being nothing else other than ourselves. We didn’t dress according to anyone else’s dress code, we didn’t speak in the politically correct manner that we would at the workplace, and we sure as hell didn’t give any fucks to how much we laughed and joked no matter what public place we were in. We were simply OURSELVES, and nothing could be grander and more freeing than living your life with no filters. Zero limitations, and no one around to judge, just a handful of like-minded individuals who pride themselves on their ability to let you be you. That is what was so amazing about this trip, to live and be accepted for exactly who we are.

Now that the trip is over, and the work hats are placed back on, I struggle to figure out a plan of action. I am uneasy because I have lived with no barriers and I want to experience that life more often and more completely. I want to live with no filters daily and not only on vacations or time away from work. To live my as completely me full time is the new goal. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get there…





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May Blerdy Movie List.

We even got the Month of May for movies!! (A little Temptations reference for my old school R&B lovers lol)

Typically, I expect the month of May to kick off our Summer as a prelude to movie awesomeness. This year however, I feel like the movies released this month could’ve had a little more bang for our buck. On the other hand, with us still reeling over the Endgame buzz I guess it is ok to let May glide us into our summertime movie going as opposed to thrusting us there. Without any further delay, here are my blerdy picks for the month of May.


  1. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum May 17, 2019

John Wick is back! And it seems he is definitely ready to kick some ass in this third installment to the John Wick movie series. With the entire league of deadly assassins on his back, John Wick, portrayed by Neo oh I mean Keanu Reaves, must fight for his life literally against a murderous army of like-minded killers. However, this time he won’t be alone, Keanu will be joined by black girl magic royalty Ms. Halle Berry herself. Now…whenever I think of Halle Berry in an action film it reminds me of Catwoman and I cringe, but the trailer makes it seem like Halle really commitment to a role of action. This role may revitalize her as a woman of color actress who can also kick ass; well at least I hope it does.


  1. The Sun is Also a Star – May 17, 2019

Typically, I am not drawn to a romantic film unless it has action, or in this case a deep ass story line. Our favorite daughter from Black-ish is starring in her own profound love story, where a boy is trying his best to win HER beautiful black girl heart. The Sun is Also a Star is based on the book with the same name following the story of two young people brought together by fate, connected by love, and threatened to be torn apart by society’s malfunctions. How can love survive when the country we live in is so keen on separation?


  1. Aladdin – May 24, 2019

Arguably my favorite Disney movie as a child has been transformed into a live adaptation. I still have tears in my eyes knowing that unlike The Lion King that was able to have royalty reprise their role in James Earl Jones, we will not be able to see Robin Williams portray the live version of the Genie. I know his voice and overall comical genius will leave a hole missing in this film. However, I am hoping that our brother Will Smith will be able to bring something new and refreshing to this classic. Make Robin proud Will!


  1. Ma – May 31, 2019

When I first saw the preview to this movie my initial thought was, “what the hell is Octavia Spencer’s beastly actin ass doin in this movie and to these white kids?!” And more importantly why?? Pure curiosity to the structure of the villain and her behavior drives me to see this film. I want to see this amazing, iconic actress, take on this sinister role and the story behind Ma’s choices.


  1. Rocketman – May 31, 2019

ROCKETMAAANNN!!! *said in my Elton John voice* Yes! A biopic about Elton John deserves to be experienced on the big screen. I’m not too familiar with the origin story of Elton John so I am excited to see how this powerhouse and legend came to be. Also, I’m excited to see our favorite Kingsman, Taron Egerton, in a dramatic biopic. I’m hoping he’ll show off some acting skills viewers would’ve never guessed him to posses.


All of the movies for this fifth month of the year are sure to bring us new and exciting features that will spark our movie going urges for the entire summer. We have a plethora of roles to look forward, and a summer time of happy movie adventures.


Which movies are you excited to see??


Thank you for reading! Live well, prosper, and all dat sh*t!


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